Block those annoying cookie warnings using your adblocker

In Italy and EU some stupid laws oblige webmasters to add cookie notices to their sites, to inform the users that cookies are being used. But who the hell cares? Often there is no choice but to abandon the site you’re visit or consent to cookies, and power users already know how to disable or enable cookies on a per-site basis using their browser’s settings.

Cookie warnings are useless, obtrusive and just another item to dismiss on web pages. Luckily, we can block most of them easily.

If you’re using a browser plugin like AdBlock Plus, Adblock, uBlock Origin or others which support ABP-style blocklists (and you really should!), you can add these two lists which block a whole lot of cookie warnings:

  2. I don’t care about cookies

The URLs of the lists can be found on the web pages: you just need to add them to your blocker. Usually this can be done in the extension preferences.

If you’re not using any adblocker, I really recommend uBlock Origin. It’s a fast and lightweight ad blocker which can make your browsing experience just better.

Happy browsing! 🙂

P.S.: yeah, even this blog has a cookie warning… which can be successfully blocked using the above method!


How to block advertisements on uTorrent 1.8.6 for Mac OS X using the hosts file

uTorrent has made advertisements unremovable with its latest release for Mac (1.8.6): they appear in the left sidebar and there’s no way to remove them, even by editing the advanced preferences.

uTorrent with ads

Luckily, we can simply block the uTorrent ad servers at system-level, editing the hosts file. Using the free network analyzer Wireshark I easily discovered which servers uTorrent connects to, to fetch the ads.

To block those ads, first quit uTorrent. Then open the /etc/hosts file with your favorite text-editor (you’ll need root privileges) and append the following lines:

# uTorrent ads

Update: if you need help editing the hosts file, please read this guide on OS X Daily.

Next, trash the ~/Library/Caches/com.bittorrent.uTorrent folder in order to get rid of any cached ads.
Now restart uTorrent, et voila: the ads are gone!

uTorrent without ads

Come bloccare i video pubblicitari su e

Gli indirizzi per adblock di e

Il logo di AdBlock PlusCome forse avrete sperimentato, prima di vedere un video su o siamo costretti a sorbirci degli spot video di alcuni secondi. Per fortuna esiste la soluzione.

Per prima cosa procuratevi un adblock per il vostro browser. Ad esempio, AdBlock Plus per Google Chrome.

Aggiornamento (2012-01-06): attualmente utilizzo AdBlock Plus per Google Chrome con EasyList + EasyList Italia. Questo sembra bloccare tutte le pubblicità di e Repubblica TV senza richiedere filtri personalizzati.

In passato ero solito bloccare con dei filtri personalizzati queste cose:*