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Adium + Facebook Chat + 2-factor auth: yes, we can!

Update (2015-08-01): this is no longer working. Facebook dropped the support for XMPP.

Adium is one of the best multi-protocol chat clients for OS X. Among the supported services, Facebook chat is included. But on April 30, 2014 Facebook decided to deprecate the Facebook Chat API, so external clients are not able to connect to the chat using that API.

However, it appears that the XMPP protocol is still working. So, let’s use it.

  1. If you use two-factor authentication (2FA), first go to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security and generate a new app password for Adium.
    Facebook app passwords
  2. Open Adium and go to menu Adium -> Preferences… -> Account.
  3. Create a new XMPP (Jabber) account. Do not create a Facebook account, that will not work.
    Adium: new XMPP account
  4. Insert username@chat.facebook.com as the Jabber ID (“username” is your username on Facebook).
  5. If you use 2FA, insert the app password generated at step 1 as your password. If you’re not using 2FA, insert your Facebook password.
    Adium new account
  6. Go to “Options” and enable SSL/TLS.
    Adium - Enable SSL/TLS
  7. Click on “Ok”.
  8. After a brief delay, Adium should connect to Facebook chat!
  1. tctt
    2015-06-08 alle 02:18

    It works, thank you !!!!

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