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How to block advertisements on uTorrent 1.8.6 for Mac OS X using the hosts file

uTorrent has made advertisements unremovable with its latest release for Mac (1.8.6): they appear in the left sidebar and there’s no way to remove them, even by editing the advanced preferences.

uTorrent with ads

Luckily, we can simply block the uTorrent ad servers at system-level, editing the hosts file. Using the free network analyzer Wireshark I easily discovered which servers uTorrent connects to, to fetch the ads.

To block those ads, first quit uTorrent. Then open the /etc/hosts file with your favorite text-editor (you’ll need root privileges) and append the following lines:

# uTorrent ads cdn.bitmedianetwork.com static.ap.bittorrent.com

Update: if you need help editing the hosts file, please read this guide on OS X Daily.

Next, trash the ~/Library/Caches/com.bittorrent.uTorrent folder in order to get rid of any cached ads.
Now restart uTorrent, et voila: the ads are gone!

uTorrent without ads

  1. Sam
    2014-11-09 alle 18:41

    With the new version for mac along with undesirable ads i experienced a huge drop in donwload speed….i felt from 500-600k to 50-100k, i did not change anything…..any idea how can i fix this problem? perhaps something has changed in the settings??


    • 2014-11-10 alle 09:12

      Sorry, I can’t reproduce the problem. Have you tried trashing the preferences and the Application Support files?

  2. andre
    2014-11-19 alle 06:32

    Hi !
    Where is that /etc/hosts file u’re talking about ? please.


  3. andre
    2014-11-19 alle 09:06

    ok, i know this a path but what’s before “/etc” ? (supposing i installed it in the classic “Application” folder)

  4. andre
    2014-11-19 alle 09:27

    ok, understood ! i keep u in touch🙂

  5. andre
    2014-11-19 alle 09:32

    Done ! Thank you very much🙂

  6. Guest
    2015-01-03 alle 17:10

    Sadly this doesn’t address the problem of the ad box taking up valuable real-estate and hiding your RSS feeds. It only hides the content of the box – not the box itself.

  7. Ukraine guest
    2015-01-13 alle 16:45

    Thank, it works

  8. 2015-03-06 alle 05:13

    thank you kindly!

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